Book and Lyrics by Adam Mathias
Music by Brad Alexander
Directed by Jack Cummings III
The Duke on 42nd Street between Bway & 8th
Transport Group Website

Not Exactly Reviewed by David Spencer

See Rock City is yet one more out of the BMI-Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop for which I dare not write an actual review, having been way too involved in observing, promoting and in various capacities (e.g, class member, Master Class moderator, etc.) offering notes toward its development. I will report that it’s a collection of theme-related vignettes that puts me in mind of a New Yorker short story anthology; that the Transport Group’s production—at the Duke on 42nd Street—under the direction of Jack Cummings III takes an interesting environmental approach; and that it’s different enough to be worth seeing no matter what you may think of it (and it’s the kind of show that has audience reaction running the gamut, while eliciting an enthusiastic response for polished material and an excellent cast—the latter including the splendid Sally Wilfert, who works all the time but is criminally under-utilized in NYC). Book & lyrics by Adam Mathias and music by Brad Alexander are worthy of your attention too.

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