AISLE SAY New Jersey


Conceived and Originally Directed and Choreographed
by Michael Bennett
Book by James Kirkwood & Nicholas Dante
Music by Marvin Hamlisch
Lyrics by Edward Kleban
Co-Choreographed by Bob Avian
Original Direction and Choreography Restaged
by Mitzi Hamilton
Paper Mill Playhouse
in Millburn New Jersey

Reviewed by David Spencer

Time/deadline commitments are particularly crushing on me, for all the size and full-length reviews in the ‘zine this week, so with apologies, I thought I might be permitted to cut one corners on my review of A Chorus Line at the Paper Mill Playhouse. For the simple reason that all I would really do in a full-length review is expand upon how this is a pitch-perfect and precise remounting of the original production, the sole (and necessary) distinction being that the current cast have been given ample leeway to add their own stamps and flourishes to their roles. If you know the musical, you need no further explication. If you don’t, you have no excuse not to use this remounting as a grand introduction. In either case, it’s very worth visiting, for all the reasons that made the piece a classic in the first place.

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