In Brief:

by Neil Simon
Directed by David Cromer



a version of Strindberg's Miss Julie
by Patrick Marber
Directed by Mark Brokaw
Starring Sienna Miller, Johnny Miller and Marin Ireland
A Production of the Roundabout Theatre
at the American Airlines Theatre
42nd Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue
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Reviewed by David Spencer

Director David Cromer proved yet again his instincts are right on target with his touching revival of Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs, the playwright’s semi-autobiographical elegy to growing up poor but surviving among a large, close-knit, determined Jewish family in Depression era 1930s. From our fifteen year old hero (Noah Robbins) and his older brother (Santiano Fontano) to their parents (Laurie Metcalf, Dennis Boutsikaris) and extended family (Jessica Hecht, Alexandra Socha, Grace Bea Lawrence), every role was impeccably cast and shaded; John Lee Beatty’s two story set added perfect period poignancy, and by a few degrees, this production even topped Gene Saks’ original for nuance and depth of feeling. That it closed due to weak ticket sales is simply heartbreaking.


In After Miss Julie, dramatist Patrick Marber relocates Strindberg’s steamy play, where sensuality clashes with class system, from a country manor in 1874 Sweden to an estate in 1945 England. It’s a clever transposition, but the metaphor doesn’t bear the weight of the purple overwriting Marber tries to update, nor—arguably—of historical accuracy, given social change that was by then charging to the forefront of 20th Century society. And under the journeyman direction of Mark Brokaw, the essential sexual triangle (Sienna Miller, Johnny Miller, Marin Ireland) seems curiously under-charged.

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