Written and Performed by Lynne Bernfield
Directed by Pam Wiley; Co-directed by Jimmy Hoskins
Glenridge Performing Arts Center
7333 Scotland Way, Sarasota, 941-552-5325
March 17, 2003

Reviewed by Marie J. Kilker

Lynne Bernfield may be known here and now chiefly as a crackerjack interviewer with a practice as a licensed therapist. In Bernfield’s debut musical autobiography at Glenridge PAC shows, her multifaceted talents and achievements have been until now largely “Under the Radar” along with hopes for the future to which she “Won’t Go With a Whimper”. Background visuals by Josh C. Harkney with graphics by Jimmy Hopkins reflect the quality of the story she tells and sings in her own sparkling words and music. From her career in the performing arts starting with work with Compass Players’ David Shepherd and improv through radio, acting, singing, book-authoring but mostly song writing she entered fields where she could build on her life experiences. 

With spoken words and her own lyrics and music Lynne chronicles her mostly “Sweet Single Life” in New York and an unexpected 20 years in Los Angeles where “Hollywood Has Got Her” but mostly writing “Love and the Music.” She had a “Temporary Love Affair” to remember but neither it nor a number of little romances found her married, as her family would have loved. After many years fitting into “The Shape of Loneliness” Lynne met a “Traveling Man” who led her, at age 39, to sing a “Wedding Song” that played out in Sarasota.  “As Long as You Loved Me,” she finally realized, wasn’t going to be forever with a husband who went back to L.A. Now divorced Lynne hasn’t followed any ordinary paths of success, which means she can (and does) tell some quite amusing stories about such bypaths as working carrying a sandwich board. Now that she’s reprising a “Sweet Single Life,” she makes clear it’s not presently or destined to be a whimpering one.

Lynne Bernfield’s upbeat biomusical used the off-stage voices of Bobby Brader and Arthur Richards. Her indispensible good partner was Lanny Meyers for Musical Direction and piano accompaniment. Lighting Design and progressively better Sound  were supplied by Mark Noble. The 90 minute show may soon be in community venues and seemed to please a New York agent who sat beside me. 

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