AISLE SAY San Francisco


by John Kolvenbach
Directed by Jasson Minadakis
Presented by Marin Theatre Company
Marin Theatre Company
397 Miller Ave., Mill Valley, CA / Phone (415) 388-5208

Reviewed by Judy Richter

Beane is a young man with serious issues of low self-esteem and deep depression. The relationship between his older sister, Joan, and her husband, Harry, has gone stale. Everything changes when an audacious young burglar, Molly, breaks into Beane's dreary apartment one night and becomes his lover. Beane becomes a new man, talkative, energetic, optimistic. His enthusiasm rubs off on Joan and Harry, who rekindle the passion they felt when they first met.

That's the basic plot line of "Love Song" by John Kolvenbach, the one-act play that Marin Theatre Company's new artistic director, Jasson Minadakis, has chosen to open his first season and to make his directoral debut with. He has chosen well, for it's an amusing comedy with some unexpected twists. He also has chosen his cast well with Darren Bridgett as the almost catatonic Beane, Julia Brothers as the abrasive Joan, Steve Irish as the somewhat passive-aggressive Harry and Jody Flader as the volatile Molly. Will Springhorn Jr. completes the cast as a waiter.

Minadakis has also chosen his design team well with Eric E. Sinkkonen for the sets, Laura Hazlett for the costumes, Kurt Landisman for the lighting and Steve Schoenbeck for the sound. Minadakis blends them all together to create an entertaining evening of theater.

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